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Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Characterization of Organic Electronic Materials

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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Cornell University

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This report describes work accomplished under the U.S. Army Research Office grant Nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging and characterization of organic electronic materials P.I. John A. Marohn, Cornell University grant no. W911NF-12-1-0221 06012012 to 05302016. The main accomplishment of the grant was the development of a magnetic resonance force microscope capable of detecting magnetic resonance signal from an organic semiconductor device as thin as ca 50 nm. The microscope employs a magnet-tipped attonewton-sensitivity microcantilever, operates with the sample in vacuum at a temperature of 4.2 kelvin, and is capable of mechanically detecting, in a single experiment, electron spin resonance at fields up to 0.6 tesla and nuclear magnetic resonance at fields up to 9 tesla. The unique capabilities of this microscope enabled the observation of hyperpolarized proton magnetization in a nitroxide-doped polymer film using dynamic nuclear polarization in concert with mechanically detected magnetic resonance. In this report we describe what we have learned during the course of the grant and how we can apply these new insights to achieve 1 the proposed magnetic resonance characterization and imaging of organic semiconductor devices and 2 the long-term goal of imaging individual macromolecular complexes by magnetic resonance force microscopy.

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  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics
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