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Anisotropic SmCo5/FeCo core/shell nanocomposite chips prepared via electroless coating

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Department of physics, University of Texas at Arlington Arlington United States

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We report the preparation of anisotropic SmCo5FeCo coreshell nanocomposite chip-likeparticles via an electroless coating process. The anisotropic SmCo5 nanoscale chips were firstprepared by surfactant-assisted ball milling then coated with soft magnetic FeCo using cobalt sulfateCoSO4.7H2O and iron sulfate FeSO4.7H2O as metal precursors in presence of complexing agents.The influence of the soft-phase coating on the magnetic properties of the nanocomposite particles hasbeen studied. The saturation magnetization of the composite particles increases with increasingcoating while the coercivity decreases. The FeCo coated chips have an enhanced remanence Mr 44.5 emug with 16 wt of FeCo compared to the uncoated chips Mr 36.7 emug, indicatingexchange coupling between the hard and soft phases for the optimal soft-phase coating. Results ofmagnetic field alignment show the strong anisotropy of SmCo5FeCo coreshell nanocompositeparticles which can be used as building blocks of high-strength anisotropic magnets.

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