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Impact of Sleep Restriction on Local Immune Response, Skin Barrier Restoration, Cognition, Marksmanship and Gut Function with and without 'Multi-nutrient' Nutrition Intervention

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Technical Report,01 Nov 2011,01 Apr 2016

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U. S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Natick

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Systemic immune function is impaired by sleep restriction. However, the impact of sleep restriction on local immune responses, and to what extent any impairment can be mitigated by nutritional supplementation is unknown. Objectives We assessed the effect of 72-h sleep restriction 2-h nightly sleep on local immune function and skin barrier restoration of an experimental wound, and determined the influence of habitual protein intake 1.5 gkg-1d-1 supplemented with arginine, glutamine, zinc sulfate, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids compared to lower protein intake 0.8 gkg-1d-1 without supplemental nutrients on these outcomes. Secondary outcomes included sleepiness, cognition, marksmanship, markers of gut barrier damage, and an exploratory analyses to identify predictors of skin barrier recovery. Methods Wounds were created in healthy adults by removing the top layer of 8 forearm blisters induced via suction, after adequate sleep AS or 48-h of a 72-h sleep restriction period SR 2-h nightly sleep. A subset of participants undergoing sleep restriction received supplemental nutrients.

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