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Tunable Broadband Radiation Generated Via Ultrafast Laser Illumination of an Inductively Charged Superconductiong Ring (POSTPRINT)

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Air Force Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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An electromagnetic transmitter typically consists of individual components such as a waveguide, antenna, power supply, and an oscillator. In this communication we circumvent complications associated with connecting these individual components and instead combine them into a non-traditional, photonic enabled, compact transmitter device for tunable,ultrawide band UWB radiation. This device is a centimeter scale, continuous, thin film superconducting ring supporting a persistent super-current. An ultrafast laser pulse required illuminates the ring either at a point or uniformly around the ring and perturbs the super-current by the de-pairing and recombination of Cooper pairs. This generates a microwave pulse where both ring and laser pulse geometry dictates the radiated spectrums shape. The transmitting device is self contained and completely isolated from conductive components that are observed to interfere with the generated signal. A rich spectrum is observed that extends beyond 30 GHz equipment limited and illustrates the complex super-current dynamics bridging optical, THz, and microwave wavelengths.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism

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