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Environmental Sciences: YIP: Combining Remotely Sensed Vegetation Data and Ecohydrologic Process Models to Improve Estimation of Root Zone Moisture at Spatial Scales Relevant to the Army

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2011,31 Jul 2015

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Boise State University Boise United States

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Soil moisture is a critical land surface hydrology and battlespace environment variable. As a hydrologic variable, it controls the partitioning of incoming energy into sensible and latent heat fluxes. In the battlespace environment soil moisture impacts the Army mobility. This report summarizes research activities, findings, and implications for a four-year effort to advance fundamental understanding of coupled land atmosphere systems and the ability to predict the dynamics of these systems at spatiotemporal resolutions of interest to the Army using models and data. Advances were made on three fronts 1 fusion of multi-sensor remote sensing imagery to improve characterization of terrestrial vegetation at hillslope scales 30 m, 2 use of machine learning algorithms to predict net ecosystem exchange using variables that can be remotely sensed, and 3 use of coupled land-atmosphere models to derive environmental forcings at high spatial resolutions in complex landscapes. This Young Investigator Program project engaged both undergraduate and graduate students and generated publications and datasets that have been used to leverage additional research funding. Project activities and findings also reveal new research avenues that are of potential significance for Army applications to be pursued in the future.

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  • Hydrology, Limnology and Potamology

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