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Characterization of Nanoporous as a Medium for Size-Selective Filtration, Preconcentration, and Detection of Biomolecules

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Technical Report,01 Apr 2009,31 Mar 2016

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Vanderbilt University Nashville United States

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This final report summarizes the accomplishments of W911NF-09-1-0101. In particular, the following significant advances were made 1improved understanding and quantification of diffusion coefficients and adsorption rates of various small molecules in nanoscale porous silicon 2 invention of straightforward nanoscale patterning technique for porous materials patent pending 3 demonstration of dual mode sensing platform in porous silicon 4 first demonstration of aptasensing in nanoscale porous media and aptamer-based detection of a toxin in porous silicon 5 demonstration of cost-effective surface enhanced Raman scattering substrate based on patterned nanoporous gold with robust understanding of enhancement mechanisms patent pending 6 advanced characterization of the corrosion of porous silicon upon exposure to negatively charged species 7 first demonstration of simultaneous detection of small and large molecules using a new porous silicon Bloch surface wave sensor 8 comprehensive characterization and demonstration of quantum dots as signal amplifiers in porous silicon sensors 9 demonstration of sensing capability of nano- and micro-structured silicon optical structures that hold great promise for integrated sensor arrays with high detection sensitivity and 10 fabrication of robust porous silicon membranes that allow evaluation of infiltration and binding kindetics in open-ended porous media.

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  • Miscellaneous Materials
  • Biomedical Instrumentation and Bioengineering

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