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The Impact of Pro-Government Militias on State and Human Security: A Comparative Analysis of the Afghan Local Police and the Janjaweed

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[Technical Report, Master's Thesis]

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Naval Postgraduate School

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How do pro-government militias impact state and human security Throughout the world, governments are more frequently interacting with and employing armed groups and militias in order to increase their security and position through unofficial means. Additionally, throughout the current academic literature, there are significant disagreements on the impacts of pro-government militias on state and human security. This thesis examines the relationship and impact of pro-government militias on state and human security by conducting a comparative analysis on two recent pro-government militias, the Afghan Local Police in Afghanistan and the Janjaweed in Sudan. The resulting analysis of this research generates two major theses First, that the use of pro-government militias can provide limited increases in security to the principal who employed them second, that we should expect to see an inverse relationship between pro-government militia employment and human security. This study also identifies several areas where the international community should focus, in order to understand how current or future pro-government militias may impact state and human security.

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  • Government and Political Science
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