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Study of Super Dielectric Material for Novel Paradigm Capacitors

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This study investigates the applicability of super dielectric material SDM theory to a new variety of Novel Paradigm Supercapacitors NPS, punched layer PL SDM parallel plate capacitors, by testing several variants of PL-SDM structure and saturation designed to theoretically optimize capacitor performance. The capacitors were made of PL-SDM, composed of a microporous insulator saturated in an ion dense solution, sandwiched between high-purity graphite electrodes. A commercial galvanostat employed a constant current test protocol of i constant current charge, ii constant voltage hold, and iii constant current discharge CHD to measure capacitor performance total energy and power, energy and power density, capacitance, and dielectric constant. The results show PL-SDM structure, constructed to increase dipole density and length, improves total energy and power, capacitance, and dielectric constant while PL-SDM saturation has a negligible effect on capacitor performance, demonstrating that only a minimum volume of solution is required to achieve optimal performance. CHD protocol of increased hold times 10, 200, 400, 600 s did not produce the intended effect of increased capacitance this is theorized to be due to hold durations exceeding the required time to maximize dipole length. In conclusion, SDM theory provides a basis for further investigation of PL-SDM capacitor improvement.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism
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