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Improving Training Officer Job Fit: A Qualitative and Cost Analysis

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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Within the Surface Warfare community, the U.S. Navy has significant retention problems, which have been ward off by drastic bonuses paid to its officers. A phone survey of training officers TRAINOs aboard cruisers and destroyers was conducted, resulting in a 40 percent participation rate from the population. Only 30.3 percent selected the TRAINO billet as their number one billet choice, and 55.7 percent planned on getting out of the Navy. A majority felt the training received was inadequate. This led us to conduct a cost-benefit analysis, with three courses of action COA. First, the status quo shows no impact on costs or added benefits. COA 2, adding an additional TRAINO billet to be filled by a Human Resources HR Officer, increased costs by 600,837 per month while COA 3, swapping an HR Officer into the surface warfare officer SWO TRAINO billet, increased costs by 21,829 per month. There were significant non-monetary benefits to both COA 2 and 3, including increases in training proficiency and in job fit for both the HR and SWO communities. These non-monetary benefits were most significant in COA 2, resulting in adding an HR Officer to CRUDES platforms being the most beneficial COA.

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