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Minimizing Irreversible Losses in Quantum Systems by Local Counter-Diabatic Driving

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Boston University Boston United States

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Counter-diabatic driving protocols have been proposed as a means to make fast changes in the Hamiltonian without exciting transitions. Such driving in principle allows one to realize arbitrarily fast annealing protocols or implement fast dissipation less driving, circumventing standard adiabatic limitations requiring infinitesimally slow rates. These ideas were tested and used both experimentally and theoretically in small systems, but in larger chaotic systems, it is known that exact counter-diabatic protocols do not exist. In this work, we develop a simple variational approach allowing one to find the best possible counter-diabatic protocols given physical constraints, like locality. These protocols are easy to derive and implement both experimentally and numerically. We show that, using these approximate protocols, one can drastically suppress heating and increase fidelity of quantum annealing protocols in complex many-particle systems. In the fast limit, these protocols provide an effective dual description of adiabatic dynamics, where the coupling constant plays the role of time and the counter-diabatic term plays the role of the Hamiltonian.

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