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Hierarchical Trust Management of COI in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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1. Scalability, Reconfigurability, Survivability and Intrusion Tolerance for Community of Interest COI Applications Our proposed COI trust management protocol will leverage COI hierarchical management COI-HM for scalabilityand reconfigurability following the Army command chain of commander-leader-COI members. Under COI-HM, aCOI is divided into multiple subtask groups to accomplish a mission. Each subtask group would be governed by asubtask group leader SGL dynamically appointed by the COI commander responsible for relaying commandsfrom the commander to the COI group members in the subtask group, and filtering messages sent by COImembers in the same subtask group to COI members located in other subtask groups. COI members in onesubtask group may be reassigned to another subtask group for tactical reasons, thus triggeringregistrationderegistration actions to the subtask group leaders, as well as secret key rekeying operations tomaintain the hierarchical structure and to ensure secure group communication functionality. This hierarchicalmanagement structure is generic and can be applied to various mission scenarios. Subtask groups may bephysically co-located or separated. A node may be assigned to one or more subtasks, depending on nodeproperties e.g., manned or unmanned and subtask group characteristics functionality, difficulty, urgency,importance, risk, size, and composition.

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