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Early Detection of Prostate Cancer with New Nanoparticle-Based Ultrasound Contrast Agents Targeted to PSMA

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[Technical Report, Annual Report]

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Case Western Reserve University

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The development of a new tool to accurately delineate cancer within the prostate is urgently needed to shape the future of PCa workup and biopsy guidance. To provide a more effective, practical tool for clear identification of PCa for biopsy, this IDEA proposal will develop a nano-sized US contrast agent called a nanobubble NB targeted to the prostate specific membrane antigen PSMA via a new highly selective ligand. The targeted NBs are similar in structure to clinically used microbubbles MB and are clearly visible on clinical US at comparable frequencies of 3-12 MHz. However, in stark contrast to MB which remain in the vasculature, the 200 nm NB size enables them to extravasate into the tumor parenchyma and directly bind to cancer cells. This can result in higher accumulation of contrast at the tumor itself leading to better resolution and detection of PCa. The PSMA-targeted NB has the capacity to revolutionize PCa imaging, since US is so broadly available, low cost, and safe. Importantly, US is already frequently utilized in PCa biopsy procedures, and the same exact equipment and process can be applied for NB imaging, thus lowering cost and expediting development and clinical translation.

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