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Clonal Evaluation of Prostate Cancer by ERG/SPINK1 Status to Improve Prognosis Prediction

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Technical Report,17 Sep 2014,16 Sep 2017

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Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor United States

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Prostate cancer is usually multiclonal, meaning that most men with prostate cancer have multiple, genetically distinct cancers. Pathologists cannot assess clonality by routine microscopic evaluation, and hence multiclonality is not incorporated into routinely reported pathological parameters. Given the importance of routine pathological parameters in prostate cancer prognosis, the potential to refine these parameters through assessing multiclonality represents a major opportunity. Hence, in this proposal we utilized dual ERGSPINK1 immunohistochemistry IHCas a readout of clonal, mutually exclusive molecular subtypesto assess the frequency of multiclonality in key clinical scenarios at biopsy and resection and its impact on prognostic parameters. Our published and unpublished findings confirm multiclonality in key diagnostic scenarios, including discontinuously involved cores, multiple involved cores at biopsy, and collision tumors at prostatectomy. Our results are thus highly impactful for the management of men with prostate cancer.

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  • Medicine and Medical Research
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