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In Vivo 18-FDG/18-Choline-Mediated Cerenkov Radiation Energy Transfer (CRET) Multiplexed Optical Imaging for Human Prostate Carcinoma Detection and Staging

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Technical Report,16 Sep 2013,15 Sep 2017

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University of Missouri System Columbia United States

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Prostate cancer is treatable in its earliest stages, although treatment options for advanced forms are limited. Therefore, more sensitive means of early prostate cancer detection and new prostate cancer therapies are needed. Two novel biomarkers are proposed to associate with prostate cancer progression the Thomsen-Friedenreich disaccharide TF antigen and the ErbB-2ErbB-3 heterodimer ErbB23. The objective of this proposal is to examine whether internal illumination via 18Ffluorocholine18F-FDG Cerenkov radiation energy transfer CRET coupled with TF- and ErbB23- molecularly targeted near infraredNIR QDs can be used to detect prostate cancer. We have shown that ErbB2ErbB3 dimerization is heregulin mediated and upregulated in castrated mice bearing MDA-PCa-2b human prostate cancer xenografts. We have selected peptides from bacteriophage display libraries that target TF and ErbB2ErbB3. The peptides have been attached to QDs and have been used to detect human prostate cancer cell lines that express TF, ErbB2ErbB3. Biodistribution studies were performed in MDA-PCa-2b human prostate cancer castrated and uncastrated mice. The anti-TF and anti-ErbB3 QD could be visualized in MDA-PCa2b human prostate cancer xenografts using an ex vivo-in vivo CRET imaging protocol.

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