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Multipath transport for virtual private networks

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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Virtual Private Networks VPNs are designed to use the Transmission Control Protocol TCP or User Datagram Protocol UDPto establish secure communication tunnels over public Internet. Multipath TCP MPTCP extends TCP to allow data to be deliveredover multiple network paths simultaneously. This thesis first builds a testbed and investigates the potential of using MPTCP tunnelsto increase the goodput of VPN communications and support seamless mobility. Based on the empirical results and an analysis ofthe MPTCP design in Linux kernels, we further introduce a full-multipath kernel, implementing a basic Multipath UDP MPUDPprotocol into an existing Linux MPTCP kernel. We demonstrate the MPUDP protocol provides performance improvements over singlepath UDP tunnels and in some cases MPTCP tunnels. The MPUDP kernel should be further developed to include more efficientscheduling algorithms and path managers to allow better performance and mobility benefits seen with MPTCP.

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  • Computer Systems

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