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Method of Characteristic (MOC) Nozzle Flowfield Solver - User's Guide and Input Manual Version 2.0

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Technical Report

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AMRDEC Redstone Arsenal United States

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The Method of Characteristic MOC Nozzle Flowfield Solver code is a structured, Two-Dimensional 2-D both planar and axisymmetric, isentropic supersonic flow solver for converging-diverging nozzle problems under choked flow conditions. The code uses a marching step method based on a second-order modified Euler predictor and corrector scheme with iteration. The initial starting line is determined either by a user-input profile or by Sauers method for determining the sonic line. Initial wall options include either a user-input profile or a starting circular arc that can be followed by a second-order quadratic wall based on user inputs. The remaining downstream wall is then determined by the local characteristic and mass flow rate. A simple boundary-layer growth model is used to determine the viscous corrected shape. The software coding is written in FORTRAN 9095. Input files are used to transfer information to the program.

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