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Security and Privacy Assurance Research (SPAR) Pilot Final Report

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory

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Effective data sharing is critical to the intelligence community mission. Consider the setting where a data owner holds a large set of sensitive data and a data querier wishes to see a small subset of this data. IARPA has published application parameters of anonymized use cases. These use cases include internal government sharing and governmentcommercial sharing. In the intelligence community, there are privacy concerns for both parties. The data owner wants to protect the contents of the data set and retain control over its data. The data querier wants to hide the requested subset of data. Simultaneously satisfying both of these privacy concerns is difficult but crucial to executing the intelligence community mission. The parties should agree on a policy for what type of queries will be answered. Then, the data querier should only learn results of allowed queries and no information about irrelevant data. The data owner should be assured that the policy is properly enforced, but learn nothing about individual queries. Data sharing technology can provide assurances that a data sharing agreement is followed. This technology should provide two types of guarantees 1 the data is protected from outside observers and 2 the participants in the data sharing do not learn information beyond the data sharing agreement.


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  • Computer Systems Management and Standards
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