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Coherent Frequency Shifter, Optical Isolator, Lasers on an Integrated Platform for Cold Atom Microsystems

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Technical Report,07 Jan 2015,22 Jul 2016

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University of California Davis United States

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This project report summarizes the UC Davis-led Cold Atom Microsystems CAMS project that covers progress on coherent frequency shifter, optical isolator, and lasers at 780 nm wavelength. The LiNbO3 based coherent optical frequency shifter worked as a single tone high extinction frequency up shifterdown shifter while it also achieved high extinction optical isolators. The ring laser achieved room temperature cw operations at 780 nm. The summary of the key achievements are as follows 1 successful experimental demonstration of single tone frequency shifting with extinction 20 dB, 2 experimental demonstration of frequency shifting with continuous sweeping from - 2.5 GHz frequency shifts with potential capability to achieve beyond - 10 GHz 3 experimental demonstration achieving frequency shifting with 20 dB optical isolation 4 experimental demonstration achieving frequency shifting with 10 leakage 5experimental demonstration achieving frequency shifting with 3 dB forward optical loss 6 29.3 dBm RF power operation of optical frequency shifter 7 a new design and theoretical analysis of frequency shifter with larger electro-optical coefficients demonstrating2.85 reduction of required voltage 7.2 power reduction 8 room temperature cw operation of broad area 780 nm laser fabricated using AlGaAs MQWs bonding wafer stack with InGaP etch stop layer calibrating lasing wavelength and LI-curves 9 development of AlGaAs active-passive laser fabrication processes including optimized wafer bonding and AlGaAs dry etching recipe and 10fabrication of the new 780 nm AlGaAs active-passive integrated laser.

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