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Tinnitus Multimodal Imaging

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Technical Report,30 Oct 2013,29 Sep 2016

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University of California, San Francisco San Francisco United States

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Chronic subjective tinnitus is a common auditory perceptual disorder whose neural substrates remain under intense debate. This project successfully executed a multimodal imaging approach to better understand whole brain network connectivity abnormalities. In chronic tinnitus, the following were observed 1 3T and 7T resting-state fMRI revealed increased corticostriatal connectivity, between the caudate nucleus and auditory cortices, 2 magnetoencephalographic resting-state functional connectivity imaging MEGI showed negative correlation between cognitive performance and alpha coherence in the temporal lobe, 3 MEGI middle latency response to a 1 kHz tone stimuli was significantly delayed, and 4 7T MR spectroscopic imaging MRSI showed a decrease in the GABANAA NA metabolite ratio. Those findings provide further evidence to support the striatal gating model of tinnitus, where dysfunctionally permissive caudate nucleus enables auditory phantoms to reach perceptual awareness. This permits the development of biomarkers to measure tinnitus severity objectively and to monitor tinnitus response to treatment, including basal ganglia neuromodulation.

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