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In-Bore Measurement of 120-mm Ammunition Temperatures

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Technical Report

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This report describes the design, fabrication, and testing of an inert 120-ram tank ammunition cartridge, which, via wireless telemetry, transmitted data on gun tubeammunition surface and internal temperature as the cartridge was placed into battlecarry after various quantities of rounds were fired. Battlecarry may be explained as the practice of chambering a round of ammunition with the tank fire control set for that type of ammunition so that the tank is ready to begin an immediate engagement. Three tests were conducted, one short and two longer series, and data indicated that for battlecarry following short series of ammunition fired, thermal input to the chambered round peaked shortly after loading, then stabilized. For battlecarry following longer series of ammunition fired, thermal input to the chambered round increased upon chambering, then continued to rise for the next 10 to 12 minutes until temperatures on the order of 150 degrees F were achieved. The tests provided an illustration of the cumulative effect on gun tube heating of large quantities of rounds fired prior to battlecarry. Because of the mixing of several types of ammunition, differences in gun tube heating between several types of ammunition could not be determined. The test proved the feasibility of telemetry temperature-measuring ammunition, which, due to their wireless configuration, may be used in the ammunition temperature measurement of other gun systems, from 40 mm up, and the lack of connecting wires could make this system particularly useful in the testing of autoloaded ammunition.

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