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Cross-Domain Synergy: Using Artillery in the Fight for Sea Control

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Technical Report

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Naval War College Newport United States

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The advent of weapon systems designed to contest operational access to joint forces have given many countries low-cost options to prevent intrusion into their surrounding domains. In recognizing the threat these weapons present to US forces, the Joint Chiefs developed the Joint Operational Access Concept. The first subset to this was Air-Sea Battle, a joint concept for the use of air and naval assets to defeat a complex A2AD system that largely left out the land component forces. In following the original intent of JOAC, this paper considers the benefits of employing the cross-domain capabilities of US Army and USMC Artillery and Air Defense Artillery assets to counter an anti-access threat, while reproducing the same capability for the benefit of the joint force. It explains the strategic benefits artillery assets provide to joint force commanders as a rapidly deployable, flexible deterrent option and the operational benefits to the maritime component commander in the fight for sea control. Finally, it makes recommendations to the joint force on integrating functions and developing future capabilities to effectively employ these assets in a role supporting the maritime component.

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