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Modeling Spin Creation and Mass Generation in the Electron Motivated by an Angle Doubler Mechanism

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Technical Report

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SSC Pacific San Diego United States

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This paper shows that simple mechanical mechanisms can be used to help understand deep physics concepts and show the possibility that other simple concepts can be used to help understand other aspects of physics. A mechanism is introduced to model the phenomenon of spin in quantum mechanics. This model is motivated by an angle doubler mechanism used on an energy harvesting device. The authors used this mechanism to gain greater efficiency in their device. Analysis on this mechanism led to a connection with quantum mechanics. Quantum theory and quantum measurements show that a prepared sample with a particular spin does not return to its original spin state when the sample is rotated 360 degrees relative to the measuring probes. However, the sample will return to its original spin state only when the sample is rotated 720 degrees, or twice a complete rotation. This puzzling effect means that the spin states rotate for a physical rotation of . We use the model to present an attempt to explain this effect using geometry. The model is extended by projective geometry, which provides a deeper understanding of electron spin. Surprisingly, the model led to a mechanism for spin generation from natural oscillations of the electron Zitterbewegung. The model depends on both the existence of this high-frequency oscillation and the existence of a lag in physical space in following this high-frequency jitter. The model shows that the natural Zitterbewegung oscillation creates a spin of constant helicity. The lag in physical space also warps space to generate mass. Both the spin moment and the mass predicted from the model are not exceeding different from the accepted values.

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  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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