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Countering Putins Nuclear-Backed Aggression with a Continuous Nuclear-Capable Bomber Presence

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Technical Report

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Naval War College Newport United States

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A Continuous Nuclear Bomber Presence CNBP should be a part of a strategy for countering Putins aggression in Eastern Europe. Putins strategy is to have a buffer zone on Russias western border. To achieve this buffer zone, Putin plans to undermine Eastern European nations and the NATO alliance. To keep the West from interfering with his buffer zone, Putin threatens the use of his nuclear arsenal. NATOs current nuclear capability is not enough to stop Putin from using hybrid warfare to expand Russias buffer zone. Russias nuclear-backed aggression can only be answered by a visible increase in nuclear capability in Europe. A nuclear-capable bomber force that permanently rotates through the EUCOM Area of Responsibility AOR would provide the United States with the ability to counter Putins nuclear threats. The CNBP will assure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO allies as well as European partner nations. The CNBP will also disincentivize European nations that are seeking to develop a nuclear weapon, preventing further destabilization in the region. While necessary, adding conventional weapon capability alone in Europe will not be enough to deter Putin and assure partner nations. Placing strategic assets like the B-52 and B-2 in Europe on a permanent basis will provide a visual confirmation of U.S. resolve and provide a response to Putins threats. The CNBP is a necessary pillar in a comprehensive strategy to counter Putin in Europe.

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  • Nuclear Warfare
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