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The research on the drag reduction of a transport aircraft with upswept afterbody using long fins

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Conference Paper

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RMIT University Melbourne Australia

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The aerodynamic characteristics of the upswept tail of a transport aircraft are studied and different fin plans to reduce the drag are evaluated. Two symmetric vortices emerge under the fuselage afterbody, which are the major causal factor of the additional pressure drag. A pair of fins installed under the fuselage extruding the core of the vortices effectively damp the vortex. Parametric study shows that the length, height, location and yaw angle of the fins are the sensitive factors of drag reduction. Drag reduction of 21 counts is achieved in wind tunnel test for typical cruise angle of attack. The pressure recovery of the bottom surface of the tail is improved by adding the fins and the effect is higher for smaller angle of attack, which causes nose down pitching moment, reduced longitudinal stability, as well as the reduction of pressure drag.

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  • Transport Aircraft
  • Fluid Mechanics

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