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Development of a Comb Limiter Combiner with Sub band Known Interference Cancellation

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Technical Report

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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific San Diego United States

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The Navy is interested in anti-jam capabilities for bent-pipe satellite communication SATCOM systems. Legacy systems that receive substantial use include Commercial Wideband Satellite Program CWSP, which has link allocations in the C-band uplink 3.74.2 GHz and downlink 5.856.42 GHz, Defense Satellite Communication System DSCS, and Wideband Global SATCOM WGS, which both have link allocations in the XKu-bands uplink 7.98.4 GHz and downlink 7.257.75 GHz. All of these systems provide essential coverage to the warfighter on land, ocean, and air however, these bent-pipe SATCOM links are susceptible to jamming by an interferer, leading to denial of service. These systems have built-in interference mitigation techniques that include frequency multiplexing, the use of guard bands to control emissions, and frequency hopping. Wideband SATCOM systems are desirable to support high throughput links but are particularly susceptible to jamming by an interferer. For example, wideband radio frequency RF front ends often employ a broadband low-noise amplifier LNA. If the LNA receives a strong signal that is not the signal of interest SOI it can cause the amplifier to go into compression and become saturated. For wideband systems this becomes especially serious because the likelihood of spurious signals increases. One method to mitigate this effect is to frequency multiplex the bandwidth of interest, essentially channelizing the spectrum. Although frequency multiplexing the full spectrum into subchannels localizes failure to a subchannel, loss of a subchannel can still have tremendous repercussions depending on the subchannel bandwidth. Therefore, the ability to mitigate interferer signals is essential anti-jam capabilities bent-pipe satellite communication Commercial.

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