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Investigation of Fold-Dependent Behavior in an Origami-Inspired FSS under Normal Incidence (Postprint)

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Texas A and M University College Station United States

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Frequency selective surfaces FSS filter specific electromagnetic EM frequencies defined by the geometry and often fixed periodic spacing of a conductive element array. By embedding the FSS pattern into an origami structure, we expand the number of physical configurations and periodicities of the FSS, allowing for fold-driven frequency tuning. The goal of this work is to examine the fold-dependent polarization and frequency behavior of an origami-inspired FSS under normal incidence and provide physical insight into its performance. The FSS is tessellated with the Miura-ori pattern and uses resonant length metallic dipoles with orthogonal orientations for two primary modes of polarization. A driven dipole model with geometric morphologies, representative of the folding operations, provides physical insight into the observed behavior of the FSS. Full-wave simulations and experimental results demonstrate a shift in resonant frequency and transmissivity with folding, highlighting the potential of origami structures as an underlying mechanism to achieve fold-driven EM agility in FSSs.

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