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Thiol X Click Foldamers for Polymer Affinity

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Technical Report,02 Sep 2014,01 Jan 2016

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University of Colorado - Boulder Boulder United States

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We have developed approaches towards the goal of producing material on-scale while still enabling selection of the optimal affine compound from the entire chemical space of well over 1012 sequences. Specifically, we have implemented two unique, stand-alone approaches for novel material design and synthesis that both will enable the sequence-specific selection and formation of a high yielding affinity compound in a single step. Broadly, these approaches involve i the creation of libraries of smaller, oligomeric species that remain reactive, which, when ligated to a template will arrange in a thermodynamically favorable geometry, external stimuli light in this instancewill covalently couple the small strands into a strongly binding aptamer, and ii the creation of polymers with dynamic, rearrangable backbones which have the capacity, when exposed to a template, to dynamically reconfigure sequence giving access to the entire sequence space associated with random, extended sequences while ideally resulting in high yields of the affine molecules. Both of these approaches are ideally suited for creating affinity compounds for both oligonucleotides and other compounds, but due to their scalability they will certainly have applications in other material pursuits including polymer networks, supramolecular catalysis, and nanomaterials.

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  • Miscellaneous Materials
  • Polymer Chemistry

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