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Coherent Preparation of Molecular Hydrogen in (v, J, M) Eigenstates for Reaction Dynamics Studies

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Technical Report,01 May 2013,30 Apr 2016

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Stanford University Stanford United States

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We have proposed and demonstrated a robust coherent optical technique, the Stark induced adiabatic Raman passage or SARP for preparing single vibrational energy eigenstate of a molecule. Using SARP we have, for the first time, demonstrated population inversion between a ground vibrational v0, J and an excited v 0, J vibrational level of H2 within the ground X 1Sigma g electronic state. In addition, we have prepared a coherent superposition of degenerate M-states belonging to a single rovibrational v1, J2 energy eigenstate within the ground X 1Sigma g electronic state of H2. The phase entangled superposition states opened new avenues to coherently control the collision dynamics, which may also allow us to measure the geometrical phase effect in a collision process. SARP provides a unique way to prepare high lying vibrational energy eigenstate using commercially available nanosecond pump and Stokes pulses.

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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