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Tailored Assembly of 2D Heterostructures beyond Graphene

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Technical Report,04 Jun 2014,03 Dec 2016

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Hannam University Daejeon Korea, South

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Rapid progress in graphene research has attracted further research attentions for other 2D layered materials. As the synthetic methods for 2Dmaterials advance, a variety of functional heterostructures combined from these building blocks are attainable. Here we propose oursynthetic approach to construct graphene-based 3D heterostructures composed of 2D layered materials with finely tunable morphology,structure, and functionalities. The resultant 3D composite materials are expected to possess unique set of synergistic functionalities that arehardly attainable in a single component material. We report selective CO2 capture functionality of carbon nitridegraphene heterostructure,fundamental understanding of graphene oxide via rheology study, size-induced separation of large graphene oxide, and its potentialfunctionalities in liquid crystal and catalyst application. Another important approach we have explored during this project is the solution phaseassembly of two-dimensional materials through ligand mediated non-covalent interactions. This approach involves the synthesis of ligands,their self-assembly on two-dimensional materials as well as the use of such functionalized 2D materials to create 2D stacked structures.

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  • Miscellaneous Materials
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