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Telemetry Standards, RCC Standard 106-17, Chapter 27, RF Network Access Layer

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[Technical Report, Technical Report]

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Range Commanders Council

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This chapter defines the mechanisms and processes for managing the physical layer of radio frequency RF links within the RF network. The network implements an Open Systems Interconnection OSI model approach to data transmission, where data moves through the OSI stack from the application layer to the physical layer, from physical layer to physical layer through some transmission medium, then back up the stack to another application on the receiving side. Because the system is network-based, transmissions occur in bursts that are scheduled as data arrives. This chapter describes the low-level waveform content e.g., Frequency, Modulation, Framing, etc.. Chapter 28 focuses on access to and management of the RF portion of a Telemetry Network Standard TmNS-based network. Chapter 21 Appendix 21-B describes the bit numbering, bit ordering, and byte ordering conventions used in this chapter.

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  • Cybernetics
  • Telemetry

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