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Telemetry Standards, IRIG Standard 106-17, Chapter 22, Network Based Protocol Suite

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Technical Report

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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The TmNS leverages existing standardized Internet protocols to serve as the core set of communication protocols used by NetworkNodes within a TmNS Network. The TmNSs network-based protocol suite incorporates a large portion of the Transmission Control Protocol TCPInternet Protocol IP Protocol Suite also known as the Internet Protocol Suite along with other supporting technologies e.g., underlying data link and physical layer technologies.This document follows the TCPIP Model layering convention and consists of the following major sections. Network Access Layer Consists of the Physical and Data Link layers that define the underlying hardware networking technology. The networking scope of this layer is limited to the local network connection. Internet Layer Protocols Responsible for sending datagrams across potentially multiple networks. Internetworking i.e., routing requires sending data from the source network to the destination network.Telemetry Standards, IRIG Standard 106-17 Chapter 22, July 201722-2 Transport Layer Protocols Establishes a basic data channel that an application uses to exchange data. Application Layer Protocols Includes protocols used by applications for exchanging application data over the network connections established by the lower-level protocol. Basic network support services are also included e.g., routing and host configuration protocols.

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  • Telemetry
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