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Telemetry Standards, RCC Standard 106-17. Chapter 21. Telemetry Network Standard Introduction

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Technical Report

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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The Telemetry Network Standard TmNS crosses IRIG 106, chapters 21 through 28. This chapter introduces fundamental concepts and terminology used in the subsequent chapters. Additionally, this chapter provides guidance as to which of the remaining chapters might be of most interest for a particular reader. In order to guide the reader toward the chapters of further interest, the applicable chapters are referenced throughout this chapter as it introduces concepts and terminology. At its core the TmNS describes networks and interfaces for components on the networks. All TmNS-based networks strive to be similar to existing Internet-based networks. Additionally, the TmNS provides mechanisms for melding with pre-existing devices, approaches, and technologies. A fundamental principle of the TmNS approach is to enhance, rather than replace, todays telemetry systems by providing significant improvements in spectrum efficiency in order to revolutionize how flight tests are executed. This enhancement principle in turn drives the need for the new TmNS-based capabilities to be melded with pre-existing devices, approaches, and technologies. As such, the existing pulse code modulation PCM telemetry systems are augmented with TmNS features provided through TmNS components.


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