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Telemetry Standards, RCC Standard 106-17. Chapter 9. Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard

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Technical Report

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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106-17 Telemetry Standards Chapter 9 Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Telemetry attributes are those parameters required by the receivingprocessing system to acquire, process, and display the telemetry data received from the test itemsource. The telemetry attributes defined in this chapter provide the information required to set up the telemetry receiving and processing equipment. The format, while not necessarily compatible with any receivingprocessing system, will allow test ranges or other receiving systems to develop a computer conversion program to extract the information and to set up data required for their unique equipment configuration. The intent of this chapter is to cover, primarily, attributes and terminology included in or consistent with the other chapters within this telemetry standards document. For example, pulse code modulation PCM format attributes should comply with the PCM standards as given in Chapter 4. Other attributes are sometimes included for service and utility, but should not be construed as endorsements apart from the other chapters. The Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard TMATS provides the definition of the telemetry attributes and specifies the media and data format necessary to permit the transfer of the information required to set up the telemetry receivingprocessing functions at a test range. The standard does not conform to, nor does it define, existing or planned capabilities of any given test range. The parameters included in this document are defined by specific reference. Other nonstandard parameter values definitions may be included in the comments section of each group.

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