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Ergonomic Assessment of Handheld Laser Technology in De-painting Process

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2004,31 Mar 2004

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Air Force Institute for Operational Health Brooks City-Base United States

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This AFIOH ergonomic evaluation was requested as one aspect of an overall operational and environmental health assessment of handheld laser technology application in de-painting processes by the Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL. The purpose of this evaluation was to identify possible ergonomic hazards and potential ergonomic improvements to the systems being researched by AFRL and to collect background data to support the development of design andor performance standards for potential future equipment purchases. Components requiring de-painting may be removed from the aircraft for cleaning however, small areas on the aircraft may be de-painted directly. The portable laser may be used to supplement automatedrobotic de-painting during an overhaul of an entire aircraft or during a repair to a portion of the aircraft. Handheld laser use is anticipated to be no more than 2-4 hours a day,regardless of operating environment. Work-station configuration, vibration, trigger compression, angle of use, repetitive motions, awkward position fatigue considerations, and lower back risks were assessed. Repetitive wrist motions were a concern for long-term use. Training is required for proper use technique to prevent related musculoskeletal disorders. Vibration of the hand tool may need to be reconsidered if there are increases in the velocities of the current vacuum systems. The general recommendation would be to employ it in controlled base settings for further evaluation before full implementation into the field.

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  • Human Factors Engineering and Man Machine Systems

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