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Agent Reasoning Transparency: The Influence of Information Level on Automation Induced Complacency

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Technical Report,01 Oct 2014,01 Sep 2016

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US Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground United States

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To understand how the information available to an operator and the transparency of an intelligent agents reasoning interact to affect complacent behavior, 2 between-subjects experiments were conducted. Participants supervised a 3-vehicle convoy as it traversed a simulated environment and rerouted the convoy when needed with the assistance of an intelligent agent. In Experiment 1 low information, participants received information about their current route only in Experiment 2 high information, they received information about both their current route and the suggested alternate route. In Experiment 1, access to agent reasoning was found to be an effective deterrent to complacent behavior. However, the addition of information that created ambiguity for the operator encouraged complacency, resulting in reduced performance and poorer trust calibration. In Experiment 2, access to agent reasoning was found to have little effect on complacent behavior, and there were notable differences due to individual differences. These findings suggest that when the operator has more information regarding their task environment, individual difference factors may influence performance outcomes more than access to agent reasoning. These findings indicate some negative outcomes resulting from the incongruous transparency of agent reasoning may be mitigated by increasing the information available to the operator.

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  • Operations Research

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