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Optimizing Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Diamond for Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Ensemble Magnetrometry

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Technical Report

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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The nitrogen-vacancy NV center in diamond has emerged as a promising platform for high sensitivity, vector magnetic field detection and high spatial resolution magnetic-field imaging due to its unique combination of optical and spin properties. NV diamond magnetometry has enabled a wide array of applications from the noninvasive measurement of a single neuron action potential to the mapping T-fields in m-size meteorite grains. To further improve the magnetic sensitivity of an ensemble NV magnetometer, the growth and processing of the host diamond must be taken into account. This thesis presents a systematic study of the effects of diamond processing on bulk chemical-vapor-deposition diamond. In particular, NV charge state composition and spin decoherence times are measured for diamonds irradiated with 1MeV electrons at doses of 110exp 15510exp 19 ecm2 and thermally annealed at temperatures of 850 deg C and 1250 deg C. The study provides an optimal range for diamond processing and shows the quenching of the NV center at high irradiation dosage from the creation of additional vacancy-related defects.

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  • Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Processing

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