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Vocal Markers of Motor, Cognitive, and Depressive Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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In addition to motor dysfunction, In addition to motor dysfunction, Parkinsons disease PD often results in symptoms of cognitive impairment and depression, which can go underdiagnosed and undertreated. One approach that may improve diagnosis and differentiation of motor, cognitive, and depressive symptoms of PD relies on vocal acoustics that has previously been used to predict symptoms in each of these domains separately. In this paper, a joint multi-domain characterization of the PD symptoms is presented. Speech recordings from 35 PD patients were analyzed for speech markers characterizing articulatory coordination based on resonant formant frequencies and delta-mel cepstral coefficients dMFCC, as well as phonemic timing based on phoneme-dependent speaking rates. Moderate correlations were found between vocal markers and the motor and cognitive symptoms of PD, and weaker correlations with depressive symptoms. We identified notable differences in the correlation patterns, suggesting it may be possible to distinguish the impact of different PD symptoms on speech. Statistical models based on the vocal markers achieved moderate accuracy in predicting motor severity r0.42 and global cognition r0.52 but not depression r0.21. Future study is warranted to further develop symptom-specific vocal marker models in PD.

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