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Raman spectra and cross sections of ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, phosgene, and sulfur dioxide toxic gases in the fingerprint region 400-1400 cm-1

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Journal Article - Open Access

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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Raman spectra of ammonia NH3, chlorine Cl2, hydrogen sulfide H2S, phosgene COCl2, and sulfur dioxide SO2 toxic gases have been measured in the fingerprint region 4001400 cm1. A relatively compact 2x2x2, sensitive, 532 nm 10 W CW Raman system with doublepass laser and doublesided collection was used for these measurements. Two Raman modes are observed at 934 and 967 cm1in NH3. Three Raman modes are observed in Cl2 at 554, 547, and 539 cm1, which are due to the 3535 3537, and 3737 Cl isotopes, respectively. Raman modes are observed at 870, 570, and 1151 cm1 in H2S, COCl2, and SO2, respectively. Values of 4.630.32x1031, 1.720.12x1029, 4.090.29x1030, 2.050.14x1029, and 3.870.27x1029 cm2 were determined for the Raman cross section of the 967 cm1 mode of NH3, sum of the 554, 547, and 539 cm1 modes of Cl2, 870 cm1 mode of H2S, 570 cm1 mode of COCl2, and 1151 cm1 mode of SO2, respectively, using the Raman cross section of 4.50.18x1030 cm2 for the 1285 cm1 mode of CO2 as the reference.

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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