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Attitude Determination and Control System Design for a 6U Cube Sat for Proximity Operations and Rendezvous

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Conference Paper

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Air Force Institute of Technology Wright-Patterson AFB United States

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The work presented in this paper focuses on the design of an attitude determination and control subsystem ADCS for a proximity operation and imaging satellite mission. The ARAPAIMA Application for Resident Space Object Proximity Analysis and IMAging mission is carried out by a 6 U CubeSat class satellite equipped with a warm gas propulsion system. The propulsion system comprises an orbital maneuvering thruster which produces 100 mN and a set of 16 reaction control system RCS thrusters, of 25 mN each, installed in pairs that generate torques about each of the satellite body axes. The thrust of the RCS thrusters can be modulated over the entire range in steps of 1 due to the rapid solenoid valve actuation. The requirement of the control system is to provide pointing control accuracy of 1 arc min at 3 in the desired imaging direction. The ADCS employs two control aws. One control law, for large angle maneuvers, implements eigen axis maneuvering and the other, for accurate pointing, is implemented with PID controllers about each body axis.

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  • Unmanned Spacecraft

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