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HERO: a space based low frequency interferometric observatory for heliophysicsenabled by novel vector sensor technology

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Conference Proceedings

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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HeRO Heliophysics Radio Observer is a proposed hybrid ground and space interferometric instrument. The space segment HeRO-S covers low frequencies,100 kHz 20 MHz, and is composed of 6 free-flying CubeSats equipped with vector sensors. The ground segment HeRO-G, covers higher frequencies, 15 MHz - 300MHz. HeRO will explore conditions and disturbances in a key region of the helio-sphere, from two to tens of solar radii, using interferometric observations of solar radio bursts at frequencies that do not reach the ground. This will provide precise positions and basic structural information. The morphology of CME shock fronts will be traced via type II burst emissions, and heliospheric magnetic field geometries will be probed by measuring precise trajectories of type III bursts. Refraction in the heliospheric plasma on large and intermediate scales will be investigated throughout large volumes via the frequency dependence of accurate interferometric positional data on bursts. The data will also be information rich with high resolution in time, frequency and spatial position, and high SNR, creating fertile ground for discovery of new phenomena.

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