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Developing Efficient Charge-Selective Interfacial Materials for Polymer and Perovskite Solar Cells

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Technical Report,27 May 2014,26 Nov 2015

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This research projects combines highly conductive and robust ETL, HTL and fullerene self-assemble monolayer SAM in order to establish a very solid material foundation for enabling the fabrication of multi-junction organic and perovskite solar cells to reach high efficiency, low-cost, and good stability. To gain insights in these material and device development, advanced X-ray and ultrafast spectroscopy are being utilized to probe local carrier dynamics under working conditions such as varied carrier densities and electric fields. By applying these tailored interfacial materials and advanced probing methods to both organic and perovskite active layers, the research team has gained a better understanding of the sought-after connections between molecular structure and performance necessary to reach theoretical efficiency limits. New electron transporting material ETM, hole-transporting material HTM, and self-assemble monolayer SAMs are being developed and optimized to meet criteria for organicperovskite hybrid PVs i having the ability to promote Ohmic contact between the electrodes and the active layer iipossessing sufficient conductivity and proper energy levels for efficient charge transport and selectivity to reduce resistive loss iii having large bandgap to confine excitons in the active layer and low absorption in Vis-NIR to minimize optical loss iv possessing proper surface energy to guide the morphology evolution of active layer vi having robustness to support multilayer solution processing. A systematic molecular engineering of these organichybrid components is being conducted to tune their electronicoptical properties to enable the fabrication of highly efficient single- and multi-junction organichybrid solar cells.

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