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State Water Resource Competition and the Resulting Consequences of Diminished Water Supply

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Technical Report

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Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Honolulu United States

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Water is essential to human survival and, with the passing of time, natural sources of freshwater supply are rapidly diminishing throughout the world. Because this realization is becoming more and more prevalent, the human survival instinct is prompting competition and conflict over water resourcing worldwide especially in regions like that of the Indus River to include India and Pakistan and the Mekong River system encompassing China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Burma.The research agenda generated from this topic will strive to answer the following question, What factors have led to state competition and conflict over diminishing water resources and what are the resulting consequences A direct comparison of the Indus and Mekong regions shows the relational challenges and successes of the riparian countries involved and the role of China as an upstream water partner. Does China have the power over water to politically control downstream nations and, if so, is China leveraging this power to advance its own interests The answers to these questions are explored in the following research study.

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  • Government and Political Science
  • Water Pollution and Control

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