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Effect of a New Surface Treatment Solution on the Bond Strength of Composite to Enamel

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OSTP Journal Article,03 Jun 2016,03 Jun 2016

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Air Force Postgraduate Dental School Lackland AFB United States

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Clean and Boost Apex Dental Materials is a novel surface treatment solution designed to be used in place of phosphoric acid to increase the bond strength of self-etch adhesives to enamel and more effectively remove contaminants e.g., handpiece lubricant from the tooth surface. Simplicity Apex Dental Materials is a self-etch bonding agent with acidic monomers that reportedly eliminates concerns about bonding to enamel. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of surface exposure, surface treatment, or bonding agent on the bond strength of composite to enamel. The crowns of 120 bovine incisors were mounted. For surface exposure, half of the specimens were exposed to the water spray of a high-speed handpiece after cleaninglubrication with an automatic handpiece system and the other half had only water spray. For surface treatment, one third of the specimens were etched with 34 phosphoric-acid gel, one third were treated with Clean and Boost, and one third were untreated. Self-etch bonding agentsSimplicity or Clearfil SE Bond, Kuraray were applied and light cured. Composite was placed into a mold and light cured n10. The specimens were stored in water for 24 hours at 37C and tested in shear. Data were analyzed with a 3-way ANOVATukeys to evaluate the effects of surface exposure, surface treatment, or bonding agent on the bond strength of composite to enamel alpha0.05. A significant difference was found based on surface treatment p0.023,or bonding agent p0.001, but not on surface exposure p0.057 with no significant interactionsp0.21. Phosphoric-acid etch resulted in greater bond strength than no surface treatment. The use of Clean and Boost was not significantly different from phosphoric acid or no treatment. Simplicity had significantly lower bond strengths to enamel than Clearfil SE Bond. Handpiece spray exposure had no significant effect on bond strength to specimens.

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