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Statistical Traffic Anomaly Detection in Time-Varying Communication Networks

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Journal Article

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University of Texas at Austin Austin United States

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We propose two methods for traffic anomaly detection in communication networks where properties of normal traffic evolve dynamically. We formulate the anomaly detection problem as a binary composite hypothesis testing problem and develop a model-free and a model-based method, leveraging techniques from the theory of large deviations. Both methods first extract a family of Probability Laws PLs that represent normal traffic patterns during different time periods,and then detect anomalies by assessing deviations of traffic from these laws. We establish the asymptotic Newman-Pearson optimality of both methods and develop an optimization-based approach for selecting the family of PLs from past traffic data. We validate our methods on networks with two representative time-varying traffic patterns and one common anomaly related to data exfiltration. Simulation results show that our methods perform better than their vanilla counterparts, which assume that normal traffic is stationary.

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  • Computer Systems Management and Standards
  • Statistics and Probability

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