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U.S. Navy Program Guide 2017

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Technical Report

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Department of the Navy Washington United States

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To that end, the Navy executes programs that enable our Sailors, Marines, civilians, and forces to meet existing and emerging challenges at sea with confidence. Six priorities guide todays planning, programming, and budgeting decisions 1 maintain a credible, modern, and survivable sea based strategic deterrent2 sustain forward presence, distributed globally in places that matter 3 develop the capability and capacity to win decisively 4 focus on critical afloat and ashore readiness to ensure the Navy is adequately funded and ready 5 enhance the Navys asymmetric capabilities in the physical domains as well as in cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum and 6 sustain a relevant industrial base, particularly in shipbuilding. Our mission begins with these priorities in consonance with our overall charge to conduct prompt and sustained combat incident to operations at sea. In todays security environment, we find ourselves looking ahead to a new reality of a more globalized world, with myriad state and non-state actors on the stage, and global forces that directly relate to our efforts at and from the sea. These forces include increased traffic in all aspects of the maritime world, including open oceans, constricted seas, and other waterways from the seafloor to space. The return to great power competition,accompanied by our competitors increased capabilities and high-end warfighting systems, and the increasing capabilities of international terrorist groups threaten our forces ashore and in the littoral. We will continue to faithfully serve our Nation along with our primary joint partner, the U.S. Marine Corps. Together we are Americas force in readiness, prepared to promptly respond to contingencies, crises, and conflicts anywhere Americas people, interests, and partners are at risk. Since 2014, we have continued our rebalance to the Pacific while maintaining our global commitments in every sea and ocean.

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