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The Al Qaeda Organization and the Islamic State Organization: History, Doctrine, Modus Operandi, and U.S. Policy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam

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Technical Report

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Army War College -Strategic Studies Institute Carlisle United States

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It is declared U.S. Government USG policy to degrade, defeat, and destroy two transnational adversaries that conduct terrorism in the name of Sunni Islam the al-Qaeda Organization AQO and the Islamic State Organization ISO. The present book has been written to assist policymakers, military planners, strategists, and professional military educators to more effectively accomplish that objective. Chapter 1 documents the distinct history and doctrinal beliefs of each organization Chapter 2 examines AQOs and ISOs basic strategic concept and terrorist modus operandi and Chapter 3 recapitulates chief conclusions, considers strategic implications, and supplies select recommendations. AQO and ISO claim to represent the true and abiding interests of the worlds Sunni Muslims Ahl-us Sunnah, estimated to number 1.4 billion persons. This book finds that this is unsupported by the evidence. Instead, AQO and ISO may be conceived in the very terms of the Sunni Islam they themselves profess, as deviant criminal terrorist organizations guilty of committing reprehensible and forbidden acts, undermining Islamic interests, and besmirching rather than elevating Islam in the eyes of the non-Muslim world. A more optimistic prognosis for the future destruction of each entity is therefore warranted. The worlds Sunni Muslims must make that determination, however, and define for themselves where the bounds of faith, godly fear taqwa, and righteous conduct begin and end who may or may not legitimately claim to speak and act in their name and who may or may not be deemed a genuine ally, fellow soldier, friend, or enemy in this historic endeavor.

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