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USMC Contingency Contracting Force: An Analysis of Transient Officers in a Rapidly Changing Acquisition Environment

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This research explores the transient nature of Marine Corps officers serving in the Contingency Contracting Force and the potential link to an inability to efficiently execute mission requirements. Through an analysis of recent manpower structure realignment actions, this research assesses training, career path, and manpower deficiency considerations that pertain to officers serving in contracting. The reader is walked through this analysis via literature review discoveries, Department of Defense Inspector General findings, and survey feedback from senior leaders within the Marine Corps contracting community. These results are then analyzed through the lens of personnel, protocol, and platform organizational pillars using the Three Integrated Pillars of Success Model. The research effectively achieves the results desired by the established research objective, identifying potential root causes to problems felt within the Marine Corps Contingency Contracting Force officer corps that represent critical vulnerabilities within the overall contracting structure. The top five recommendations for the Marine Corps to increase the health of its contracting officer corps are presented. Additionally, future research considerations are presented that have the potential to further increase the Contingency Contracting Forces ability to efficiently execute its mission requirements.

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