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Python Scripts for Automation of Current-Voltage Testing of Semiconductor Devices (FY17)

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Technical Report

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US Army Research Laboatory Adelphi United States

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Automation of device testing and analysis procedures is imperative in both research and industrial environments where automation improves employee efficiency. The time sink of manual device-testing procedures is reduced or eliminated through automation. This technical report includes scripts written in Python, version 2.7, used to either partially or fully automate our existing current-voltage I-V test setup at the US Army Research Laboratory. The I-V test setup currently includes a Wentworth PML 8000 manual probe station, an Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer, and a Micromanipulator P200L semiautomatic probe station. In addition to the current version of the scripts, explanations of the different portions of the code are also provided for the user. Scripts used to set up this automated system are discussed in enough depth such that another user may operate the integrated system or build upon the existing code to improve its functionality andor efficiency. This report assumes that the reader has some basic knowledge on the syntax of Python and thus is not a tutorial for the language. Additionally, we identify future software development tasks that could further expand the capabilities of the system.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
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