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Method for Predicting Hypergolic Mixture Flammability Limits

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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Ecole Nat Sup De Techniques Avancees

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This report is in support of the Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion TechnologyIHPRPTDemonstration Program, which provides a technology roadmap for demonstrating significant enhancements in mission capabilities, cost efficiencies, and operability for various future propulsion needs. The scope of this project is to demonstrate that it is feasible to numerically construct diagrams of flammability limits for energetic ionic liquid IL fueloxidizer combinations, which will significantly aid AFRLRQRP in its ability to identify hypergolic propellants and predict their ignition delay times, prior to carrying out any synthetic or empirical screening activities. The execution of the proposed modeling and simulation M and Sstudy early in the life-cycle of the IL propellant development program provides a mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of failure for the insertion of IL fuel technology into the small satellite market as AFRLRQRP continues to meet IHPRPT goals. This report is divided into three parts. The first is devoted to the proposal of a thermodynamic method able to discuss a priori the hypergolic abilities of a fueloxidant system and its flammability limits. This method is shown to be valid for non ionic liquidoxidant systems and is then extended to ionic liquidoxidant systems. It is somehow difficult to prove that this method is accurate in terms of limits just because there is a lack in experimental data for ionic liquidoxidant systems. The second is devoted to a fundamental understanding of what happens in the liquid phase, in the gas phase, at the liquidliquid interface and at the gasliquid interface during hypergolic ignition and the interactions of all these phases.

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  • Combustion and Ignition

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