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Aerial Refueling Pressure Definitions and Terms, Design and Verification Guidance

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Technical Report

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Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) Xenia United States

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The purpose of this ARSAG document is to provide a consistent and common communication link of technical terms and definitions and their use regarding aircraft aerial refueling fuel pressure and flowing systems in both steady state and dynamic conditions. It is intended to assist in the technical assessments and evaluations in determining tankerreceiver aircraft fuel system compatibility, which employ the boomreceptacle andor the probedrogue method of aerial refueling. The technical compatibility assessment is a part of the tankerreceiver aircraft aerial refueling clearance process as defined in Aerial Refueling Clearance Process Guide, ARSAG Document no. 43-08-04 dtd Aug 14 to ensure the safe transfer of fuel between the tanker and the receiver aircraft. In particular, this document should be used as guidance in completing the ARSAG document, Standardized Technical Data Survey, dated April 2014, ARSAG Document no. 12-81-03R previously termed, Performance and Interface Survey for Aerial Refueling, dated October 1981.

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